Bolometers are detectors that work by converting the energy of incident radiation into heat to raise the temperature of a body fitted with a thermometer. Many conditions must be met for a bolometer to work correctly in a dilution refrigerator, the most important of which is a low vibration level.


Our proprietary Ultra-Quiet Technology™, which is used on the HEXA-DRY dilution refrigerator, proved that by offering the lowest level of vibration on the  market in continuous operation (< 40 nm RMSD1 in the z-direction in the 1 Hz-1 kHz range), we can significantly increase measurement accuracy.
Bolometers are also highly sensitive to gammas and neutrinos radiation. To avoid any NORM2 contamination of our systems’ measurements, we use high purity oxygen free copper and archeological lead. They can be necessary to manufacture the Outer Vacuum Chamber (OVC) shields and the lead shield assembly, respectively. CryoConcept has developed expertise in handling and manufacturing all these materials.
Our HEXA-DRY Bolometry dilution refrigerator with Ultra-Quiet Technology™ meets all these requirements. It was designed to operate continuously for more than a year while being operated fully remotely. Today, we are a leader in this segment of the cryogenic market thanks to our expertise in materials and minimizing vibration levels for bolometry experiments.


A range of dilution refrigerators with low vibration levels and long service life thanks to our Ultra-Quiet Technology.

Key benefits

  • Demonstrated expertise in low-radioactivity material
  • Lowest vibration level of the market
  • Design for clean rooms and underground environments
  • Long run service