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Quantum computing could be the next breakthrough in computer science. Instead of using bits that can only take values 0 or 1, quantum computers use the superposition principle of quantum objects to operate with qubits (quantum bits) that can take values 0 and 1 simultaneously, thus promising to solve problems intractable even for the world’s largest supercomputers.

Different technologies can be used to create quantum computers, and most of them (Josephson, CMOS etc…) involve very low temperatures below 1K. In that case dilution refrigerators are used to keep Qubits cool. Qubits and their associated electronics are space-hungy, to satisfy this need our HEXA-DRY product range has been developed with a compact design in order to optimize the space available for the experiment.

As the architecture of quantum computers can be very diverse our systems are highly customizable to fit all designs. If needed, our Dilution Refrigerator can at any time be upgraded to a low-vibration mode thanks to our Ultra-Quiet Technology (UQT).

Quantum computers aim to have a larger number of Qubits in the coming years, classical dilution refrigerators could not fit to this new need. In order to take quantum computing from laboratory to industrial scale we are developing with Air Liquide disruptive technologies to create larger dilution refrigerators able to handle thousands of qubits and more with a high reliability.


A range of dilution refrigerators solutions dedicated to quantum computing.
    Expert in extreme cryogenics for more than 60 years, Air Liquide designs and supplies its customers with systems for cold production, liquefaction, storage and distribution of cryogenic fluids, for many applications: laboratories, research centers, R&D, major scientific instrument manufacturers, etc. The Quantum Computing industry is a natural extension of Air Liquide’s cryogenic markets. We design and manufacture cryogenic solutions from 300 K down to 10 mK for quantum computing firms and data centers. We provide associated molecules such as helium-3, helium and mono isotopic silane 28.