September 8, 2021
Our Software is designed to ensure a safe and easy use of our system without risk of mixture loss.

• Safety of the user

By including checklists and safety loops, with more than 100 safety checks.

• Safety of the mixture He3/He4

To avoid events which could cause a loss of the mixture.

• Ease of use

By using a graphic interface, allowing our customer to navigate through an user-friendly environment. Three modes are accessible,the operator mode (allow the user to use predefined procedure), the non-expert mode (allowing some modification with classical security to avoid harming the system) and the expert mode (allowing the total command of the system and the modification of all parameters limitless)

• Automation of procedures

All classical cycles have been automated from cool down to warm up and the return at 4k.

• Following of the procedures

A run history is saved every day and for each run. This allows the user to follow all the parameters of the system on different graphics. In case of trouble during a run the user could send to Cryoconcept the history to allow us to understand what caused the problem and how to solve it.

• Continuous improvement of the system

We stay tuned to our customer feedback to continuously improve our system and provide regular updates to provide the best software.



Base temperature 10mK 9mK
Cooling power @20mK 10µW 12µW
Cooling power @100mK 350µW 400µW
Cool-down time to MC 24 hours 20 hours

Technical specifications

Design Hexagonal 300K top flange allowing a larger access
Mixing-Chamber plate Ø Ø300mm
Sample space Ø313mm x 300mm
Available ports 3xDN50 and 6xDN63 (with 1 Line-Of-Sight Access)
Pulse Tube PT415-RM, PT420-RM, PT425-RM CRYOMECH
Quantity of He3 18 liters
Temperature controller Continuous measurement
Software Fully automated and configurable
Warranty 3 years

Cooldown time performances

Installation layout