September 8, 2021


A range of dilution refrigerators dedicated to quantum computing

High cooling power device

Dilution cores have been developed to provide high cooling power for both regular-size cryostats and the extra-large ones needed for quantum computing. Many dilution cores can be inserted in a single cryostat, and they are easily removable for maintenance and interchangeable. The dilution core is standard and provides up to 20μW of cooling power at 20mK.

Key benefits

  • Reliable
  • Easy access and large space available for customer experiment
  • Easy maintenance

Main specifications

Design 2 dilution cores
Base temperature 10mK
Cooling power at 20mK 40µW with two dilution cores
Mixing-chamber diameter Ø 800 mm
Available ports x6 rectangular port removable by the side
x4 DN25
x6 DN63
Wiring capacity 2,000 High density wiring RF Lines"}">> 2,000 High density wiring RF Lines
Pulse Tube PT415-RM, PT420-RM, PT425-RM CRYOMECH
Quantity of He3 40 liters
Temperature controller Continuous measurement
Software Fully automated and configurable
Warranty 2 years