5-The Ultra-Quiet Technology™

July 21, 2021
September 7, 2021

A unique vibration damping system

The Ultra-Quiet Technology™ mechanically decouples the pulse-tube from the dilution to offer the lowest level of vibration on the market in continuous operation.

This low-vibration technology proved to be critical for some ultra-sensitive measures by limiting phonons that can affect supraconductors (low temperature detectors and mesoscopic devices).


The fusion of 3 technologies


Pumping duct gas exchanger

The pumping duct allows the system to transfer efficiently the heat between the 50K, 4K PulseTube stages and the 50 K, 4 K cryostat cold plates via gas, without any mechanical contact and hence negligible vibration transmission.


The pulse tube head is coupled onto the 300K HEXA-DRY top flange via a leak-tight, X-Y-Z supple bellow (and enters into the pumping duct). The bellow allows to dump the mechanical vibrations of the pulse tube cold head.


The dilution refrigerator and the pulse tube head are referenced to two different solid, bulky frames. The pulse tube cold head is then tightly anchored to a bulky reference system, separated from the cryostat main frame, and allows to further prevent the vibrations coming from the cold head to propagate down to the cryostat cold stages.




Low level of vibration :

To offer the lowest level of vibration on the market in continuous operation. (below 40 nm in the 10 Hz – 1000 Hz region)

Upgradable :

At anytime CryoConcept can upgrade your standard system with the Ultra Quiet Technology™️ without having to buy another dilution refrigerator. Only the bellow and the double-frame will be necessary.