Our Software is developed on Optima PLC*, using a standard industrial programming language and allowing the use of grafcet technology. Our software can be installed on windows 7 and 10, once installed on your computer, it communicates using in and out blocks (wago 750 series). When we deliver our systems, you will receive an USB key with the program and the code source.

*a French society, the programming is achieved from the languages of the norm IEC 61131-3: IL, ST, FBD, LADDER and in SFC diagram (Grafcet).


Our developing strategy was focus on the :

• Safety of the user
By including checklists and safety loops.
• Safety of the mixture He3/He4
To avoid events which could cause a loss of the mixture.
• Ease of use
By using a graphic interface, allowing our customer to navigate through an user-friendly environment.
Three modes are accessible, the expert mode (allowing the total command of the system and the modification of all parameters limitless), the non-expert mode (allowing some modification with classical security to avoid harming the system) and the operator mode (do just allow the user to use procedure).
• Automation of procedures
All classical cycles have been automated from cool down to warm up and the return at 4k.

Following of the procedures A run history is saved every day and for each run. This allows the user to follow all the parameters of the system on different graphics. In case of trouble during a run the user could send to Cryoconcept the history to allow us to understand what caused the problem and how to solve it. Software customization To specific client needs the software can be changed to match perfectly with the client needs. Continuous improvement of the system We stay tuned to our customer feedback to continuously improve our system and provide regular updates to provide the best software as possible.